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CEA – Certified E-mail Address

Store Digitally according to law your CEA box for 10 years


As by the law you have to preserve digitally the CEA for 10 years in a Storage System. Your current supplier keeps you digitally ONLY the CEA log tracked for 30 months. How to do then? Use LegalSolutionDOC – CEA service that enables you to digitally store as by law all your CEA for the years you wish protecting yourself from any legal responsibility.

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LegalSolutionDOC CEA features

Required maintenance

CEA messages represent a correspondence with legal significance, therefore, it must be kept for at least 10 years in conformity with art. 2220 cod. Civil Code and art. 22 of Presidential Decree 600/73 if they have relevant content for commercial purposes.

CEA to the PA

Since 1st July,2013, communications between companies and Public Administration (PA) must take place only by CEA. Companies have to maintain a fully secure track in case of any dispute.

Digital storage

CEA messages are electronic documents. As by the art. 43 (CAD) must be stored in digital mode according to the technical rules on conservation system.

LegalSolutionDOC® HUB

LegalSolutionDOC® is available in HUB version, a service reserved to Partners: Software House, System Integrators, Consultants or Associations that allow you to maintain the management of your clients by delegating everything to us!
Make business with LegalSolutionDOC® HUB Preservation for your clients!
By activating HUB Service of LegalSolutionDOC® the Partner will get access to a portal, called HUB, through which will coordinate and manage his own customers since the activation of the service.

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