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Legally Compliant Electronic Document Storage

we store any document: tax, healthcare, legal documents… you won’t get stuck between bureaucracy’s gears ever


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100 % Legal and Safe: completely eliminates paper files and no need to print. Delegate all responsibility to 2C SOLUTION.


No need to install anything on your computer and any software can be connected to send documents to be stored digitally.


We train and give technical consultance on all regulatory and best practices related to the legal digital storage.

Storage System

Store your tax documents in accordance with law


A digital storage service accredited and certified that allows you to store, search, and view your legal documentation. 100 % legal (civil and financial) by delegating responsibility.


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Electronic Invoice

Send and receive electronic invoices from PA

A service that allows you to send and receive electronic invoices in the expected format, create and record the results thereof and preserve digitally and in accordance with law the invoice and the outcomes.

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CEA – Certified E-mail Address

Store Digitally according to law your CEA box for 10 years

As by law you have to preserve digitally the PEC for 10 years in a Storage System. Your current supplier conserves your digital log tracks ONLY for 30 months. Then what do you do?


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Reach the future with us


The vast experience gained from 2C SOLUTION in recent years and the wide knowledge of the sector of its consultants and the development of the whole document management market in the coming years, as forecasted by the most attentive market analysts, will translate in even more advanced solutions, simple and comprehensive for customers.

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